Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I wish for a mini car

I had a bad start today..luckly I managed to punch my card before 8.30am before sending the kids to their nursery.

I made 3 rounds of tawaf around parcel C looking for a parking space, there was one near the saure but someone who was kind enough used two lot for his damn car..so gone that one precious parking lot.

I drove further and found a space near a corner leading to the exit of this parcel and I moved those red cones and try to park there even though it is illegal but I've no choice..I thought that it should be ok but suddenly there was a knock on my window..a security guy asking me to find another spot at visitors area...sigh...

It was fully occupied and the parking space looks like a garage with cars that are blocking and parking on each side of the road and when you pass by you have to drive like a snail and make sure that your side mirror don't kiss other's..

Then I saw a man in white shirt with neck tie..I guess he just finished his interview and he have to pushed a car that are blocking his. From where I waited I could predict that it will not be an easy manoeuvre because there it was only 2 meters wide lane left to pusing kanan pusing kiri before you could park the car and to make it worst it is one way lane with 4 cars queing behind me to find a space...grrrrrr

I finally managed to park my car safely after semua peluh dan keringat keluar and my knee need a massage and my feet dah lenguh-lenguh tekan brek tukar gear...at that particular moment I just wish that I have a mini car...

And I officially start my work at almost 9.45am...sungguh tidak cemerlang, terbilang,..whatever !!


Anonymous said...

Morning Kak Sue,

I think its still ok for you in that case because my situation is worst. Travelling from Alor Setar to Kuala Nerang everyday, especially when somebody is makan-makan angin in the early morning. This week punch memang merah sebab asyik dok belakang lori. Mau dekat sejam baru nak sampai + keadaan jalan yang macam baru kena bom........alahai

Sabaq, sabaq


sue said...
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sue said...

jalan macam kena bom..jalan tang mana tu yang teruk sgt?

i hate it bila keta besaq bawa slow romantic pagi2...

i tak suka ikut belakang lori, keta kami tu dah ada cermin chipped off kena batu2 kecik la tu

Anonymous said...

Mostly sepanjang jalan sebab jalan Aloq Setaq - Kuala Nerang dalam proses pelebaran jalan. Tak taulah bila tahun nak siap, tapi yang paling kritikal........depan hospital barulah.

Anyway dengaq cerita kata ada angin ribut di Putrajaya + sebab design bangunan tu jugak, betul ka?

sue said...

supposed jalan depan hospital baru tu superb, dah lama la dok mcm tu..

amboi..angin sepoi-sepoi sampai ke aloq staq ka dari putrajaya

nanti kami check ok

sue said...

i dah dapat info..

ribut smlm tu..roof tiles tercabut byk jugak tapi tak ada melibatkan nyawa, itu phase lama