Friday, February 13, 2009

Sketches and Honey..honey

31 years ago, a pencil and a pen was something that I really was hard to buy even a Lunar set of 12, 2B pencil could last for many months or until they were too short and hard to handle..but back then we were creative and rubber band was used to make it longer...and they goes the 2B pencil..

We did our homework on cement floor, we our feet were numb, we changed position again and again until our job were done. Geography execise book were sometimes rendered with different texture of colour pencil because the cement floor were uneven..or sometimes I did my homework at Mak's house (my grandma) so the pages will have a timber texture... :-)

Sufiya with her abah's old book..she loves to sketch nowadays...and that yellow Habib's paperbag has become own bag to keep all her pen and pencils...

She talk a lot now and her vocab are increasing but still pelat..she speak with loghat Utara sometimes...'mama, nak nasi'..'nak ayakk'...'nak makan'...and her favourite song...'ani ani..cepat..'---she wants me to sing ABBA's 'honey honey how you thrill me ahaa..honey honey..'..over and over again..


Nong said...

The kids now are lucky lots. My time dulu2 pensil warna kena share among the siblings. Pakai habis2 sampai kontot.

Sufiya tu macam nak ikut jejak mummy dia je..

sue said...

Kak Nong,
i dulu nak minta2 beli yg 24 batang pun tak berani, pakai mana yg ada je...seronok tengok kawan2 yang bawak bukan standard set :-)

I prefer if she venture into other field....kalau ikut jejak i, kena penat lebih,tak cukup tidur dan kena kuat semangat nak habiskan 6 tahun tu...bila keja pun sama jugak..never ending penatnya tapi gaji banyaktu jugak