Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pre Holiday

I woke up this morning and forgot about yesterday's news..I'll just take it easy for now and try to concentrate on other sweet things in life, not trying to run away from the issue but will tackle it slowly.

For now its raya mood...sooooo...lets see our checklist...

it looks like just few more things left..the rest are already packed and ready, no matter how BIG or spacious the car is, it always fully loaded :-)..and this time around we not only pack for raya but always post raya :-)

Big sis is already in raya mood..she draw this last night with scolouring set from Kakak Parvin..thank you so much

I went for last minute shopping and a treat for myself for being..being me I guess..:-)..hahaha what a reason...simply heart this whole idea of flowers and such

estee lauder sensuous nude..nice smell..and the package is flexible so I choosed that bottle..

Since I'm on traveling day, I just spent the time alone packing their bags....

Will be leaving for Penang tonight...but its not holiday yet..will be in Sik,Gurun and Yan for work...then only we could celebrate..


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sue, wow! I love your blog header picture of that river and boat. Fantastic! And nice template you have too.
I can imagine you having fun shopping, going thru your practical checklist.
Here's wishing you selamat hari raya.
Have fun and keep a song in your heart.

sue said...

Hello Uncle Lee,

thanx for the compliment..

of coz its fun shopping..:-))who would not..but wait until the end of the month..or when the bill come

u have a great week ahead too