Friday, September 09, 2011

Friday Flashback

Still in Raya mood even though I spent the whole two weeks holiday not just preparing for raya but attending meeting at three places , last minute shopping and also driving around Alor Setar looking for a decent house for the next maybe five years..

Here are some photos from last week pre-post raya celebration....

We left for Penang on the 24th and made few stop at RnR to rest..and by the time we reached Juru tol, it was already 7.30am..I was behind the wheel from Sg Bakap to Tg Tokong, we rest for only two hours and headed to Sik for my was raining and we were tired....but at least I could finished one task before the holiday

Here's our kitchen helper, preparing ingredients for nasi tomato for Iftar

nasi tomato in a big pot

Had to finished another task before raya in Gurun and Yan..Gurun has changed a little bit
View of Gunung Jerai ..rail track project is on going

Old photo of pekan Gurun..please ignore the reflection

Big sis with her sketch , she draw everyday..its the almost the subject but loves their drawing simply because they are not perfect.

Tesco Tanjung Pinang is just few meters away from MIL's house, so went there for some last minute shopping and let the kids have fun indoor
Cosy inside tesco trolley..put on a hairclip to tell people that my lil pumpkin is a girl..tired of answering people's question :-)

We treat the kids before raya..their cousin joined us and ice cream

We were in Alor Setar on the firtst Syawal, but I missed going to the old madrasah for solat, is just a small madrasah but the thought of meeting so many familiar faces old and young that make it special....and the weather was nice..sunny compared to wet and gloomy few days before that...

Big Bro with his cousin in Jitra..cheeky..

Open house on second day in Alor mate from Putrajaya with her family

And we made a tour in Penang ...

We went to Gurney Plaza before visiting relatives house and lil pumpkin need a rest and it was feeding time for her.

It was a tiring two weeks holiday because we were driving back and forth..andon the 4th of Sept, we were back in Alor Setar for hubby's work..and back in Putrajaya on the 6th...

I just wish that this Syawal will bring another good news...Insyaallah

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