Monday, March 01, 2010

Wedding, Engagement, Kuala Nerang..and a strange feeling

We left for Alor Star last week on Wednesday due to my official trip to Kuala Nerang, we left around 11am and as usual had some burger for breakfast..the car as expected was full with bunga telur, diapers, luggage, flowers..etc..It was hot and I expect Kedah will be hotter...

There was an accident at Sungai Besi highway heading to KL somewhere near Seri Petaling was on the other lane, but as caring Malaysian :-P people always slow downtheir car to catch a glimpse of the incident and make the traffic flow even slower than usual.

It was a smooth journey along the highway and Sufiya keep on reminding Hadif to behave when they are in Kedah without us...:-)

She understand situation around her now..

We arrived in Alor Star at around 4 pm and headed to Star City Hotel near Jalan Sekerat, a decent hotel..tapi banyak nyamuk...but we spent most of our time at home where gulai nangka and ikan temenung lemak awaits us..

Kids were left with their mak tok the next day, and we left for Kuala Nerang ..It was more than an hour journey under a hot sun..tiring...I notice tecoma trees are blooming..(at first I told hubby that they are cherry blossom...hahhah..hentam saja)..thanx Aishah for the info.

After settled my stuff at the Court, we were treated by our host from MDPT..Pn Aishah who brought us to this place, under a big trees and nice view towards two rivers that lead to Alor Star...

Kuala Nerang was hot and a glass of air tebu was a cool and cold treat...leeggaa..

Preparation at home were not much to be done, no pakat masak-masak or anything,it was all taken care of by the caterer...the salon,..and what not
My girl was busy too..dari Putrajaya dok sibuk nak pakai inai...

Akad nikah was on Friday-Maulidur Rasul..sekali lafaz...syukur...

Hadif and Sufiay wont sit still..exploring the whole area..we were at this same place six years ag, how time flies..and now come here again with additional member

Us in pink..happy in pink...

We both left for Penang on Sunday and the journey was akward without the kids inside the car screaming and first it was a sad journey

We saw another fire engine at the roadside near fire..

Stp by at Penang Road for jalan-jalan at Sunday market, they have this every last sunday of the month..they are many interesting items to look at cloth stall, handmade soap, antiques, painting, cucur udang...and also street performance..

A group of ladies in kebaya Nyonya performed with their singer-Johnny..they reminds me of my SNC teacher...:-P

Flute by and Irish was soothing and calming even thou it was really hot..they played few nice song very well

Hubby saw his friend from afar..a street artist with his friend

There is also one antique stalls with interesting items to collect especially for those who go for old and rustic stuff..I love them too but don't have a proper storage area fine day...I will...

We left for Putrajaya after attending an engagement ceremony was another strange journey without the usual passenger....
It was really dark with heavy cloud base somewhere before Taiping

We arrived in Putrajaya at almost 11pm...another strange feeling..the house is empty without them


Naz said...

Fantastic cloud pictures, Sue!

sue said...

a little bit blurry..pakai hp je masa snap..i like your snow covered mountains photo too