Sunday, March 21, 2010

Things to do when...

Things do to when you travel on early flight such as at 7.35am

-prepare your kids school bag or nursery bag

-sleep early

-rise and shine early at 5.00am

-applied basic make up like foundation, loose powder and blusher as well as lip gloss so that you don't end up with zombie look

-prepare small change for ERL Ticket and catch 6.20am train no later than that otherwise you have to terkedek-kedek cari gate at the airport

-remember to bring along your camera or your handphone will do

-At the airport: if you already check in at the counter or online, proceed to your gate and if you still have some spare time, browse for interesting book, good to kill the time for two and a half hour least half of the book can be finished from a single trip
-Otherwise just walk slowly and feast your eyes with candies, chocolates and perfumes along the way to your destination- the gate!

-View at KLIA at 7.00am before boarding to Tawau...snap some photo while waiting for your turn to board the plane

Things to do onboard:

-switch off your electronic devices and set your handphone to offline mode, this way you could still take some photo incase you forgot your D90 or D5000 or whatever model you have

-While waiting for your juice or plain water on board, enjoy the view if you can't sleep or read..or applied your make-up, the finishing part:eyeshadow,eyeliner,mascara..don't forget to praise Him for those breathtaking view...

-Remember the scene from English Patient..?
-If you seat by the window snap as many photos as you can, watch the cloud formation,the blue sky and mountains and the sea from above but choose your seat wisely..row no. 5-8 are okay..I always avoid row no. 10-16, row no.22-25..
-I always check in online for return trip and choose my seat by the window but if I have to rush then, I'll choose isle

-Breakfast will be serve by this time, they normally have nasi lemak, murtabak or roti canai..I always opted for murtabak which is small but thick and nasi lemak, but hate the anchovies...while you enjoy your meal, look outside coz the fluffy white clouds keep on changing their form

-You are full and not sleepy and flipping thru The Star or Utusan Malaysia..BUT please don't flip and slap the paper..its happen to me few times, I don't know what are their problem, but these guys keep on doing that flipping and slapping loudly...

-Its been almost 2 hours plus and you could see Tawau with its green and hilly avoid pressure in your ear, you can chew gums or sweets...

-Pilot announced for landing..
-You can tell that if in few minutes time the plane will touch down but the aircraft is still gliding..then the touch down will be a little bit bumpy and worst it might sway aside ..I've experience that moment few times at Sandakan, KL and Tawau

Things to do when you arrived at your destination: Tawau:

-Snap a photo of the usual..and don't ask a person next to you to hurried..relax..

-Straight to Immigration Counter and if you did not bring your passport, please keep nicely and safely that little piece of paper..I once accidently left it in my luggage bag which I check in..kena sedaazzz kat kaunter.. :-P

-If this is your first time in Tawau, just walk confidently and read the signboard...
-Straight ahead to your next destination and enjoy the trip in Tawau..

Things to do in Sabah if you've only few hours:

-Should go to their, crabs, prawn...seafood are cheap, but Sandakan is much cheaper than Tawau...
-Ask your driver to bring you here..Pasar Ikan Tawau..rolled up your jeans, you don't want to board the plane with fish smell don't you...hehehe...Eau De Eden pun kalah ni..

-Rule no.1: snap a photo of the main entrance..a must..

-Watch out..its slippery..and survey the price
-This market is smaller compared to Sandakan's..

-Smaller size prawn..soft shell

-RM25 per as many as you want (don't forget to check your purse first
-Buy a polystyrene box with ice cube
-There will be many small boy who will offer their service to carry those thing
-Don't be Hj Kedekut, even though your car is just few meters away..their chargers is only RM1..some of them did not have a chance to go to school...

Things to do at the airport with fresh seafood:

-Make sure that you wrap it nicely so that the melted ice won't mess other people's luggage, there many shops offering this service

-Once you are done with this..follow the same chronology...

-The next day: flip your recipe book and google for resepi ketam bunga, masak lemak ketam, or just ketam goreng simple ala thai...
Two crabs for two adult..

-You have been traveling so much lately and need some time with kids..
Things to do when you can't bring your kids to swimming pool:

-You should bring the pool to 'em..
-Go to Carrefour and bought this blue thingy
-Unwrapped the box and fill it with water and let the kids enjoy the splash..
-But my kids end up with fever that night... :-)
Things to do bila dua-dua anak demam panas:

-Don't panic..
-Go see a doctor..
-Bagi minum my case I have to forced Hadif and used whatever skill I have
-After 4 days..still not recovered..go see the doctor again..follow the same method..sambil jelum kepala..doa
-Still not working..pi cari air penawar...doa

Things to do on your next trip:

-Follow the same procedure

-View towards Immigration booth in Johore Bahru and Singapore
-If you can't open the window, switch off the flash of your camera..if you use DSLR, make sure you set the ISO lower, off the flash and set whatever thingy...

-Make sure that you captured the sky, the horizontal lines and the sea..

-And when you've done with trip, kids has recovered..bring them to Putrajaya for Hot Air Balloon....

These are my routine......

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