Saturday, March 13, 2010

Education System:An outsider's viewpoint

SPM result are in their hands..some of them LOL and some the other way round, each year the passing rate are increasing, the systems are changing and the pressure are heavier.

Schools and learning are two different things for kids in this era, straight A's are common,they cried when they got only 4A for UPSR, they cried when they could only got four distinction for PMR..teachers are facing new kind of challenges

From what I observed schools are no longer what it used to be ..not a place to have fun, to explore a new world..and expressed ourselves in our own way..

I don't know much about education system, policy, pedagogy and what not, but I do know that the system change when a new minister took over. We don't even have the opportunity to see the result of previous system, do a post mortem and cross check..and suddenly someone up there wants a new system to be implemented. And as usual teachers and our childrens are the victim.

I don't understand why do we have to change the system every few years..?

Why can't we look at the education system as a material in a lab that is being tested..undergoing R& takes many years to see the result, whether its positive or negative, what are the implications and so on..

'They' should think properly and wisely with considerations on every aspect..not just to revised and update their portfolio.

Kids goes to school with heavy bag, in and out carrying few kilos of books, and rush home for KAFA, for sports, tuition and homeworks are waiting at home, and to catch up on Ben 10 and to check their FB and myspace and top up their reload card...oh well..

I'm blessed to be born in the was all laid back..we go to school, we sang 'listen to our motto'...we studied Rampaian Sains,ERT, Sejarah and we have music class with a piano at school's hall...we can choose either to join Girl Guide, Brownies, St Johns..or not joining any of them at all...

We are safely at home by 2pm and have some time to help up in the kitchen, go for quran class, play around pokok nipah and main polis sentri..we watch Toriton at 6pm or Heathcliff and did our homework later and by 10pm we already in the dreamland..We were reminded to performed and score in school but there was no burden

Some parents took a brave steps by sacrificing their job and concentrate on homeschool, but some don't have a choice but to follow the system that stole the freedom of being a child

One senior staff at the office told me that her child was confused about 'penjodoh bilangan'..she don't know that a river should be addressed as 'sebatang sungai' simply because her female BM teacher told her that = 'sebatang digunakan utk benda yg tegak dan lurus' the poor kid was really confused coz all her life most rivers in Malaysia are not 'lurus dan tegak'.....As I said earlier, I don't have a clue about the art of pedagogy or its principle..but I guess there should be a better way to make a child understand even a simple things in life.

I once asked my teacher (was in form 4) while we were reading an article from a textbook, I asked her the meaning of 'ilmu bantu'..and she simply replied..'nanti masuk universiti, awak tau la'....
I was left with that question for many years to find the meaning...why can't they just was nothing but for me I remember that incident until now...

Its important to listen to what a little soul wants to ask..and the answer does not have to be perfect, as long as we try to explain that should be enough ..learning and teaching is an art that comes with a challenge

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