Friday, January 15, 2010

Kids Update and Exam

We woke up late this morning...way too late and I had to attend a meeting at 9.30am at the office, to make things worst, kids bag has not been prepared last night so I had to do extra task this morning and since its already late, they both had a shower at home and Sufiya insisted on wearing baju kurung today.

Hadif did not display any drama the moment he step in to the nursery as usual, Sufiya was a bit shy maybe self concious beeecozzz she applied some lipstic and bid-los(lip gloss)-MAC pulak tu...memandai je....

Her teacher told me that she's now observing and following what we people do and talk, and has started talking few words in Kelantan..hahha...'Cha, mu dok sini'...this is what she said to her friend...I don't know what to long as it is good and not crossing the boundary, then its still acceptable..

Its been 2 weeks we are in 2010 and many things has happen throughout this period, it seems like 24 hours are not enough...I need more time with the kids, especially the flash card session, I have to accommodate time for this no matter what.

And at the same time I need time to study for July exam once again, the first round was ad-hoc so this time around, I should not allow for this error again, but work at the office are affecting time at home.

I had to sacrificed Saturday classes which is very important, where presentation of each topic were held due to logistic problem, nobody to take care of the kids and the other half is fully occupied both this is the option now...hate to say this but its always woman who had to give way......

I'm now packing my stuff for another official tired....

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