Saturday, January 23, 2010

Penang, Ipoh and Kuala Kangsar Trip

We were in Penang last week , it was an official trip cum holiday, so we decided to brought along the whole family and hubby took a day off..its his turn this year...
We left for Penang after work, roughly around 7.45pm, had dinner on the go, as usual its Mc D at Sungai Besi and we were so tired along the we stopped by at RnR twice for a nap...and arrived at Tg Tokong at 3am...sleepy and tired..

Its not a complete trip if we did not stuffed ourselves with food in Penang, so of the kids had to sacrifice..bukan selalu... :-)
Cheese nan with tandoori at Restoran Kapitan, this is his usual hang out..but the nan is a bit oily, they did not served the chichken tandoori with lime, the best cheese nan I had was in New Delhi in 2005, the chicken tandoori was soft and tender and juicy and it comes with salad (cucumber, tomato and garlic)sprinkle with masala....

We had susu badam, it comes in a medium size glass with a mixture of badam, saffron and milk..thick and creamy...

Sufiya was at her Mami Mumtaz house, she was not aware that we left her there, too busy with her cousin. Its hard to snap these guys photo, sorang dah tgk camera, sorang lagi dok pusing...abah ready, anak pulak muka masam...the best model is of coz his sister..tak payah suruh pose

Restoran Chulia Street..

I had to work on Sunday..but its was not much inspection

View from Northam Tower towards Penang Hill and town

Monday- Handing Over:

The big boss and the no they were not going for lunch at Kassim Mustafa but waiting for the elevator, the handing over ceremony was at level 5, I was the emcee of the day...smooth but I forgot to mention one person's name...too many Yang Berbahagia Dato, Yang Arif Dato'...isshhh..payah..but the fish curry and sambal udang was heavenly...

This has been planned many times before and could only be materialised last week, sunset at Long Beach Batu Ferringhi..

We mark our presence there..I dreamed of having a house by the beach, sipping watermelon juice and wait for the sunset, but it all faded away after Dec 2004 tsunami...

Sufiya was still afraid of the sea, but she's ok with swimming pool

'I'm leaving on a jet plane..' nice blue sky

Farooqi the young enterpreneur with his soya bean stall..his friend was a little bit cuak when I asked about their permit and took a photograph of their stall..peace !

We left for Putrajaya on Monday with jeruk pelam and daging merah..


And this week's trip was just a short trip to Ipoh and Kuala Kangsar with KP to determined scope and site. I left at 7.00am and we were one hour early so while waiting for Dato' to arrived we toured around Ipoh Court and there were too many OKT (orang kena tuduh) and all court room were fully occupied and cases were mentioned and so on..

There were groups of OKT wearing purple t-shirt and the smell know the smell of not having bath for many days..yuck..most of them are Malays aged between 20-30, we entered one court room but unfortunately it was just ikat jamin session..the corridor were full with people who accompanied their partner, family, friends and OKT, at one corner it was a sad ambience and at other corner I hate to look at them...and they were looking at me like they have not met people for many years..the tellsa thousand stories...

After friday prayer we went to another court in Kuala Kangsar...

The ruin...first floor of Kuala Kangsar Court, it looks a little bit spooky, and this scene remindd me of Om Shanti Om where Shanti was left alone...cheehhh..
Fire started from this room and spread into other room and court, luckily its flat roof but there were cracks on the floor and wall.

Ceiling and window frame that look like kayu arang ..

Tinggal kenangan..jam yang masih berfungsi...

We left from Kuala Kangsar after being served by Yang Arif- Yang Arif with laksa Kuala Kangsar in a court room :-)
and arrived safely at home at 7pm and my house was like...whoaa...clothes were on the floor, the kids have not taken their dinner and hubby had a I just cook some rice and served them Asam Pedas Nyonya Style with Rendang Tok bought at Tapah RnR....we slept early last nite...and Hadif had a nightmare..poor kid...


simah said...

the trip looks so nice...and that restoran kapitan... my mom n dad loves it there too... soo many pictures of places i have missed... and most importantly.. korang had fun! :0) that princess of urs cantiknyaaaaaa

sue said...

thanx..lamanya u tak mai sini...kapitan tu walaupun sempit tapi sedap.

takpa simah, plan ur next trip

Loved Ever said...

nice post keep blogging .
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Anonymous said...

In penang for a two day bz trip last week..had the nan and chicken at kapitan...fuuh sedapnyer, stayed at northam as well but did not have the time to go to batu feringgi..but went to queensbay...they told me that now the young ones prefer to hang out at Queensbay, Bayan Baru and Sunshine rather than Komtar..Wow the jeruk ..a must.

All in all, it's nice to be there..plans to take the whole family there sometime..

Keep the stories coming..

SA.. from KL