Thursday, October 22, 2009

Water colour class for kids

Weekend in this house is always revolves around the three of us since owner of the house is always away for his classes or work, I still find some time to make our weekend meaningful despite screaming in between cooking coz Hadif has started climbing the staircase and will give me a big grin whenever he saw my face...and Sufiya as always still trying to be a big sister and there are times that she act more than a sister, and Hadif have to bear the consequenses..that means more crying for him coz his big sister is so garang...poor little boy.

This is her painting from nursery- crayon on paper..she have a bold and strong stroke compared to her friends..sampai terkeluar gambar...

Sufiya has explored using coloured pencil on A4 paper and drawing paper, so last Saturday I gave her new activity to stimulate her mind and her motor skill...she loves the brush since Barbie-Rapunzel are using the same tools (she watch that movie many many time..and now influenced by all things Rapunzel and pink..)

She did it all by herself..started with lines, circles and dots..and she choosed all the colours for her painting but I supervised on the water mixing...It took more than 30 minutes to create her first piece..while Hadif was busy enjoying his kuih makmor and kuih batang buruk (taste pakcik2 Hadif ni)

Proud painter with her first watercolour painting - 'Abstract'

When using watercolour for kids we need to ensure that the product is safe (refer to the product label) and of coz the brush, which are mostly hog brush, so opted for synthetic brush which gives almost the same effect. They are cheaper that hog brush which some could cost up to RM60 for one piece..I saw one brush made in China, using squirrel hair, for water colour and the brush is so fine but the price is like WTH...RM50++ for one small brush..what an expensive hobby.

At the end the most important thing is she is happy and proud of her painting and started talking about it to everbody..

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