Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Demam Campak

He is still sleeping and I hope that he could sleep for another one hour..it was a sleepless night..the rashes appearead all over his body now and some on his feet. But luckily he is still an active boy, last year it was Sufiya's turn and today she could simply said '..eiii..muka adik biji-biji'...

I had this experience too during SPM trial exam..and my report card came with zero,zero,zero all over those column where it supposed to be C or B or A...and I had difficulty eating capati after recovery coz I had this wierd imagination of my face equal to a capati..notice the black dot on capati...:-P

Hope Hadif will get it over soon..till then


Hubby brought home this daun mambu (Azadirachta Indica) for traditional healing..rendam dlm air, dan bagi mandi...

Same goes with this biji ketumbar (coriander seed)

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