Saturday, September 12, 2009

Masjid Sultan Mizan,Putrajaya

Masjid Sultan Mizan,Putrajaya is a new mosque and a significant landmark in Putrajaya. It's design is workable and practical compared to Masjid Putra which located near to Prime Minister Office.

This new mosque has been design to compliment its surrounding and I think they have studied Masjid Negara as their precedent, the same coolinf effect from infinity pool has been applied here.

The planning and position of this mosque has been derived from adjacent existing building therefore 'Kiblat Walk' has been created, one could appreciate the aesthetic not only internally but also on it's landscape and square with fountain and spacious space for overflow area.

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Generally I think this mosque is more practicle and well design except for some minor issue like this one :-

Escalator leading to prayer hall, quite a number has been provided but safety issue is not considered. As we all know, we are not allowed to wear any shoes inside any mosque due to cleanliness, therefore people will be walking around on their bare foot and how do they expect people to use this escalator when their feet are exposed to this moving object. It looks normal and safe but can you imagine the moment this escalator reach the top floor and the bottom ..eww..

This is not acceptable according to safety code, but I'm not sure how they gonna handle this since everything are in place....'this is Bolehland'..remember..?..everything can one..

Missing glass panel, height : almost 1000mm...risk : tergolek, patah hidung patah kaki, tak boleh sembahyang berdiri...culprit; _________?

Big grand staircase with missing panel, not only one side but both... just imagine budak2 and makcik2 with kain telekung panjang, terpijak kain, nak pegang railing tapi terlepas, nak pegang panel kaca tapi tak dak..terus tergolek-golek jatuh..kalau tergolek takpa lagi..tapi kalau terhumban ke bawah..? I think the management should really take care of this safety issue especially during Solat Tarawikh...

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