Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Coretan Aidilfitri: Penang

As long as I remember, family photo during this special day is a must, that was the time where most relative gather and exchanged duit raya, reminiscing stories of the good old days.. And for the other side of family raya this year, I only post these one photo which has been compressed into one..notice that little girl in every photo..?

She reminds me of myself but not at that tender age..I was in primary school and obsessed with camera and always have a strong radar and can sensed where the shot will be taken and I will definitely sit right infront of the camera, or anywhere that I was sure that the camera will captured my face...and I succeeded in making my face appeared 70 % in those photo...and that was the time we used 'KODAK'....any brand was kodak to us..be it Fuji or Konika...

And now with DSLR..Nikon, Canon, Sony..photoshop and what not..anything can be perfect, bulging tummy can be trimmed without any strenous excercise, freckles face be turn into flawless skin with lighter..kalah Fair and Lovely....

Whatever the camera is, with photoshop or not..the moment with the families are precious..and sometimes the best moment can't be captured in photos but they remains in our heart forever.

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