Friday, January 18, 2008

Van Der Wijck

Looking for a good book nowadays is so hard...i normally didn't planned of what book to buy..just browsed the book rack, sometimes i do remember the book cover but can't recall the title..

I was at MPH for almost 40 minutes yesterday..from one section to another..nothing intrigued my mind..there were copies of Tunku Halim's Juriah's Song...the summary sounds good..but i don't have the gut to experience any horror story at this moment...i had few horrible experience last few days just before we left for Cameron Highland and the day we came back....maybe it was just in my no horror movie or books..

Book stores now are sofisticated..with cutting edge design, with glass panel, sleek and shiny book rack...but no matter how modern it is, i still loves to walk between a timber book rack which are higher than we have now..dim and narrow...i love the sight of old books especially with hard cover...i wonder where we could still find those kind of store..

I ended up with Hamka's Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck...only one copy left, so better grab it now..its hard to find good Malay literature now...


Nong said...

I read this book, like 40 years ago... he he..

Hugs to the little girl..

sue said...

kak nong,
40 years ..? i baru nak start page one, dah lama cari, terjumpa pun masa cari buku lain

sure..will hug her for u