Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I thought that passion fruits are sweet...i just discovered that they are actually BITTER SWEET..


simah said...

passion fruit is among the best fruit ever!!

the last time i ate it was when i was still a kid kat sekolah rendah..our neighbour ada satu pokok passion fruit yg tinggi menggunung...jatuh atas tanah buah..i curi makan hahahah..ala masa tu budak kecik kan?

i love esp bila passion fruit n mango r combined together as fruit juice... sedappppp

how r u sue? sihat? n ur lil princess?

sue said...

best food ever...? maybe they r not gor me..
i tak pernah tengok pokok tu mcmana...

buat la satu resipi paasion fruit n manggo kat blog simah..

oo..i'm doing well, Syukur...she's fine and active..and this lil one inside has started doing exercise as well..