Monday, January 14, 2008

Holiday 01: Cameron Highland

It was wet and winding road with sharp corners, but it was all worth it..nothing could replace the beauty of nature, the smell of fresh grass and trees, the forest voice..(the birds singing, the leaves fall..)

The green tea valley looks surreal when suddenly the mist came, hot Masala Tea could not beat the cold of Cameron Highland after the rain pour down its heavy load. The river flows smoothly and completed this picturesque evening view of the valley. It must have been colder when the first time they discovered this highland..according to a veteran whom we met at Kea Farm, the last 12 years, you need to wear a jacket or sweater at 12noon..compared to now, I just wore a simple blouse...:-)
"On the valley low, on a mountain high...the world is our home..", hope they don't over spoilt this beauty with new development just to attract tourist..this fragile green lung need to be preserved.

Who can resist this 'smelly' but tasty green thing,..these three kids were tough when it come to bargain at all..their childhood life are different, no board game..just nature as their playground

Simple and fresh air, no worry (yet)..,look at this simple temporary shelter, there is beauty in it..

Natural source for daily income..wild plant from the wild jungle...

'home sweet home' made of bamboo..simple and practical for these free and easy people, no need to worry about the layout, the artistic value or colours and what not,..
...but I simply love the other house with nipah leaves..
they remind me of corals..but our corals are dying..I've seen dead corals in Perhentian and it was a scary view...looks like a tones of scattered bones..

lovely coral cactus..this is what i call 'em

dried gourd hanging on a an antic giant bell

Best treat on cool afternoon surrounded by strawberies

Little girl in white and lilac with purple flower as a backdrop..

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