Friday, April 21, 2006

Reality world of architecture

Alhamdullillah..things went smoothly after so many hard work and frustration. The next step is preparing myself and set a timeframe from now until 2007, the journey need to be continued, I just passed few obstacle and more to come...definitely.
Being in a male dominated industry makes people like me need to push forward harder, wiser with strategic plan and being competitive at the same time, but woman are just woman..the way we perceived things and handle stress are different, while male counterpart could just forget about it, we on the other side still thinking about it.

Creativity wise woman are at par but when it comes to technical stuff, we need to absorb more (not to generalise). I'm talking from my own personal experience where I always have the feeling of being just like them,competent, creative, independent..intelectual, rational etc..and the list goes on. Some people said that woman should have a better design flair due to our nature which are sensetive, loving and caring but the reality is way too far, being just creative or come out with excellent design is not enough. This scope is bigger than just drawing and sketching, it's a combination of art and sciences. The art of managing ourselves, communicating with clients and consultants, handling complaints and comment on our design are the elements which we hae to deal with and the sciences of it comes in technology of construction, methodology and production. Public perception to our profession are from what they see at the outer layer, where they think that it is glamourous, professional, well and highly paid..and mass media help to build this perception in tv commercial and movie.

In the last century, architect are master builder, mr-know-it-all, from fine art-design-detailing-engineering-anatomy-landscape-interior..people like Leornado Da Vincci,Raphael. Design and building requirement are different, specialiased field were limited and the client were less demanding.

Current world is more challenging, we can't just wait and see and accept whatever come our way, we need to move out and explore more, we are no longer inventor but much more like a other peoples design, change a bit to suit the site, budget and design brief..

Since this is what I choosed to be, I will go for matter what.


anggerik merah said...

Similar goes to engineer!

sue said...

ya, same industry with same problem..

Nong said...

Lucky me. I am a generalist but problems ada dimana2 je...

Count Byron said...

You chose the path, you stick your neck in it, and you do it and do it well. Great spirit Trav. I like your resolve. I like your positive attitude towards gender challenges..and more importantly you keep your creative juice flowing. Well done!

sue said...

thanx for visiting..problems are actually just a test, without it we will just be at the same stage

Dear Count:
thank you so much, glad to have your presence here. I'm trying to balance up everything now, these are all that makes tougher and stronger..:-)

Count Byron said...

Dear Trav
Happy belated Birthday. I had been away.. and had missed out on this precious occasion. May you have great years ahead. May Allah bestow sakinah on you and family..and grant you success in whatever you do.
Counting those red sagas u got from A-Mami

sue said...

Dear Count:
thank you for the birthday wish and doa..we got something and lose something precious..Tuhan Maha Adil, maybe this year we gonna have new family member..:-)Insyaallah

mommamia said...

hi trav,1st time being here,admire yr spirit and determination, archy is one of the most challenging job..n to be in a male dominated field is not easy either,same goes with me here, we have to work harder to get recognition n trust n at par with them man,so wish u all the best!

sue said...

welcome, thanx a lot
hope you have enjoy and have the strength to move forward, life is too we have a chance to experience both up and down..cheers