Monday, April 10, 2006

Misleading route

Gospel of Judas:
I watch National Geographic Investigation on manuscript that believed as Gospel of Judas, and a team of expert and scholars were trying to proof that those are authentic manuscript. The way they reconstruct the whole story plot from where the gospel has been found,black market of antiquity, technique of carbon dating and putting these fragile papyrus paper together was great and outstanding with help of technology and of course big budget have been allocated for this investigation.

Gospel of Judas was thrown away by orthodox church who believed that Judas has betrayed Jesus and he was responsible for his suffering..This is the reason that they believes this gospel was hidden for a purpose of burying the truth of what really happen after the last supper.. As we all know there are too many version of testament, everything has been revised to suit personal interest. After the death of Jesus, there were gospel of Mark, Luke, Matthew (to name a few)that has been used.

For centuries Judas (pronounced as Huda) has been labeled as evil, bad and greedy, and through this gospel they found his so called true identity and what actually happen that nite, where Jesus knew that one of his disciple will betray him and he revealed the identity of that betrayer and asked him to proceed with his task and it shows that Judas was just doing what he was asked to do..To free a soul which trap in a body..?
In one of the dialog between Jesus and Judas..Jesus was addressing him as..'Ya Judas..' (sounds like ..Ya Huda = Yahudi).

Even though they have found that the manuscript are authentic, its content doesn't cover much about history of Jesus or what so ever but it does giving new dimension of Judas which I believe this documentary is actually just another propaganda of Jewish society which are scattered in America and behind of all these mega investigation. Whether its Gospel of Judas, Mark or Matthew or Who-ever, we should strongly believe that there is only one God and The Messiah will be sent to us..
Sometimes its hard to avoid all these intellectual, spiritual treat from our very own enemy which they try to do it slowly with careful planning, like a river flowing smoothly across the valley...This treat are nothing new in Islam, they have been trying and trying for centuries and we must be strong enough to overcome whatever coming our way..I am not good in this philosophy or tassawuf or religious matter, but this is the only thing I could share with fellow blogger..

For futher reading, I would suggest this book: Jerusalem in the Quran by Imran N.Hossein, its a good book..

Salam Maulidur Rasul to all..

P/S Please correct me if I'm wrong in translating the whole concept


Jiwa Rasa said...

I regret for dismisssing the program that night. I thought that was just another missionary program, as always..

Thanks for your recommendation. I'll find the book..

Queen Of The House said...

And did you watch that programme on the Prophet last night? (Lupa pulak which channel) ....

Ordinary Superhero said...

Missed that one...and the other one mentioned by QOTH too. As always, TV for me is for live football matches only.:)

Salam perkenalan. Thanks for visiting my space.

sue said...

the repeat will be tonite,same channel, it with an open eye.
i'm still reading the book.

sue said...

thanx for visiting
yaa..i did, yg best tu one of the scholar is actually from hebrew institute of something...if they could learn about our religion, there is no harm for us to read about theirs too..but draw a line..

ada repeat on the gospel tonite..
thanx to u too

anggerik merah said...

I don't have a chance to watch the program. Sound interesting. Maybe will get the book later.

Change the subject a bit (after hopped into Anim's entry), have you tried Maximum weight gain? So far it seems to work for me as advised by phamarcist in KL. BTW, my b'day lambat lagi...July answer yr previous entry question..:-))

sue said...

i'ver tried 'weight gain' before, few packets je..malas la now i just eat more potato, rice, bread and fresh milk and cheese.
thanx for the tips

Kak Teh said...

salam, I watched it too - in between doing other things. It is really interesting. I cringed at the thought of the manuscript turning into dust in the safe.

sue said...

kak teh..yaa they are good at restoring manuscript as well as a bit of putar belit..