Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Roller coaster ride

I don't know how describe what my life is at the moment, three in Keah and the two of us are here in this house full of boxes, mess, hope and uncertainty.

We could only plan, but only He knows what is best..I did my solat istikharah..and I wake up with an open mind and will accept the fact that I'll be living near bendang with colours changing after few months from muddy grey to green and turned to golden precious colour...BUT it all changed the moment I went into that building.

The answer is..'NO'...*you'll be working here for one year* was like a slap on my stomach..(i rather burning my fat than ruin my make up )...

...sooooo....that means we go for plan D....see, I have so many plan..lets hope that this will work out and I have the strength to cope with this new life


Anonymous said...

hi sue,

its me-halina...i accidentaly bumped into ur blog..anyway...just hangging tough...and pray for the best..

sue said...

hi halina...
mcmana la boleh terjumpa plak niii..:-)

i'm trying to juggle many things here..and it needs sacrifice and support