Tuesday, November 01, 2011

New twist

I'm officially part of other team but under the same department, I am anxious but not excited anymore of this promotion. I knew that there will be some twist and unexpected things, but never expect that it will be this way with long wait.

As for now, the waitng game is still on....

I still don't know where my new office would be, Big Boss said that I shoul be in Penang, but the other bos said that they don't need my post..but deep down inside I just want to be together with my family in Kedah...or somewhere near.

I'm still working on something at this office, leaving for Kinabatangan tomorrow and the next day going back to Kedah for other errand for Aidiladha and will come back to Putrajaya to finish up packing our stuff and moving things to Kedah, but there are still many arrangement that need to be done for the kids.

I just want to be with my lil pumpkin...

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