Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Post Exam Pain

People always says that success come with sacrifies and hardship...and here I am still feeling the pain, 'post exam pain' that is, its been 3 days now but the aura is still there.

I had a sleepless night before the big day, woke up at 3.30am and tried to sleep..and one hour later my eyes and mind were ready..slept again and finally my biological alarm clock could not stop ringing...so I prepared myself and left the house early at 6.15am straight to ERL station with the hope that I miss the first train, but the lady at the counter told me that I got one more minute..I walked slowly to the lift lobby and I thought that I might miss the train,...but the train arrived about one minute late..

Arrived at KL Sentral and headed to Golden Arches for breakfast meal, my bag was heavy with books and my contract document was on that small table, I was carefull not to spilled my hot tea and spoil my day...my heart was beating at an unusual speed that morning...finished my McMuffin burger and went to the ticket counter..

Arrived at Dewan Tan Sri Mahfoz Khalid at 7.45am..it was still dark and only 3 candidates were at the parking..it was cold and dark and it was not a good feeling..my tummy has started making so much noise, was so nervous...I sat in the middle of the grand staircase waiting for anybody that I know who might come early...one by one turn up with their heavy bag and trolley ..

By 8.30am many has congreggated infront of the hall and what we did was just talking and dreaming of the future and of coz people watch..we survey each people who passed by and make a prediction.. :-P..there was one guy who sit on the kerb with his head leaning on white circular column..he look sleepy with heavy eyes..must be a long night, some travel all the way from North, from the East for that six hours exam.

By 9.00am we started our speed writing competition..I hate to look at the clock but by 11am I asked for extra sheet of paper..I flipped the question paper again and again..and by 12.15noon I was still buying time..writing whatever that might help...If only they make it 4 hours instead of 3...hmmm..

We went to the cafe which is closed for business but sat there and ate corn bun with mineral water, could not do any revision anymore, we got only one and half hour beore the next paper..by 1.40pm I walked in and arranged my reference books and pat some minyak cap kapak on my head and neck..

And at 2pm the race started again..check this and that, tekan calculator berpuluh kali..and by 4.30pm I can feel that my body system has started to shut down where ulcer on my mouth has spread and my head was heavy and muscle on my neck has not been working properly...they announced the end of the day at 5pm..but I still jot down whatever on that answer paper and by then I could feel that my fine motor skills has lost its power and my Flexor Retinaculum was not working properly anymore...and at 5.30pm I finally submitted my paper for that day....what was the feeling..? relieved..maybe but not for long

We took some photos and went for a proper meal and a friend fetch me and by 7.30pm I already had fever, flu and cough..a complete set plus additional muscle sprain..

Hug the kids and wash myself, took 10ml of bena expectorant and paracetamol...and slammed on the mattress without saying thank you to hubby for taking care of the kids....

Woke up the next Sunday morning and still feeling dizzy and confused....

And until today I still got this 'post exam pain'....

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