Monday, June 16, 2008

Making a Place : Vernacular House

I did not attend the BBQ gathering due to health problem, both me and my daughter, but at least for the first time I managed to talk to the guest of honour - our blogger friend Simah, she sounds bubbly,jovial, friendly and warm...Insyallah one day, we'll meet...


There was a briefing from the consultant and contractor yesterday before CPC Inspection, they were quiet prepared this time around and for the first time I met the architect, whom I adore since I was studying..she look a bit pre conceived idea..she's not that tall as I expected and seen in a magazine...

But this entry is not all about her, but more on the architecture : Vernacular.

Vernacular architecture is more towards local context, our design should respond and derived from our surrounding, that means we need to think of the weather, the culture, the material and soul of that particular place before we start designing. Most of traditional houses in Malaysia built during pre-war and pre-Merdeka are truly Vernacular architecture with all this attributes. One could feel that the house are suitable for our climate and responding to our culture with raised floor, ample natural ventilation and lighting, proper roof overhang and suitable local material which is aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Yesterday's briefing was a bit a misconception of the idea of Vernacular, they claimed that they design is Vernacular but with double frontage and garden concept. They placed a kitchen just next to the entrance which is totally not acceptable in our local culture. And when we chanllenged them, the finally admitted that it is only the facade that is Vernacular.....

..'Fusion architecture...? too many element, wrong time and wrong place

To me, it can't just be the make up or the external outlook, it need to be the essence and soul of the house. we design a space for people to live in, there is a sentimental value in any house, therefore when we claimed that it is Vernacular, the house should reflect the whole idea and concept of the word Vernaculus (Latin).

Sometimes we tend to adopt other people's culture which looks beautiful and nice in a glossy magazine but we should realised that those are what meant to be at that particular place, in that kind of environment and responding to their climate.

It is not easy to design a house, it is not just about sketching and designing but there are so much value and input that need to be thrown into in order to achieved an ideal is way different what TV drama and movies always potray, an architect with safety helmet and a roll of drawing in their hand....typical...


Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum sue
vernakular di kulit sahaja hehhehe ..
siapa arkitek yg dimaksudkan tu ?
lama tak jenguk blog
menghitung hari yea ?
sue email no. telefon kat dah tukaq nombor eh ? sampaikan salam assalamualaikum kat suami.
bulan 8 nanti kami balik bercuti.
semoga sihat selalu

Queen Of The House said...

Sue ... I met Simah at KLCC!! She is as bubbly as she sounds and her kids are just adorable (although I couldn't understnd a word they were saying!)

I guess our houses are just too warm because they are made to resemble western houses. Too bad. Hmmmm ... my angan-angan - a beach house that blends in with the elements. Do you think it'll be a rumah kayu or rumah batu?

sue said...

project dia before this nampak outstanding..tapi yg kat sini lain sikit, envelope saja...ala dia tu grad from AA...among yg top jugak

sue said...

dapat jumpa Simah..? bestnya, kalau i larat lagi, memang sanggup ke Rawang last weekend, tapi i akan jumpa dia juga lepas pantang

Queen nak beach house..?wow..kat mana location tu? combination of both pun tak pe as long as layout and material kena caranya...Pak Non kan ada.. :-)