Monday, March 13, 2006

Scent of Midnight

Arrived last nite at 12.00am from Penang, it was a horrible journey with bumpy ride and bad headache. The weather back there were too hot..feels like in Agra, India, thought I had migrane..hopefully nothing serious.

The house looks the same as 2 days ago, except for my jasmine, blooming..yang jatuh ada tiga kuntum..yang tengah kembang ada 10 kuntum..the balcony smells so mesti terlebih baja warna pink that we bought last few months..pokok melur ni my father yang semai, then we brought it here since the balcony look hard and empty, thought of giving some life to that space and it end up this way..some people says that it's spooky..bau harum waktu malam, mesti ada ke? tak boleh percaya sangat ni.. since tanam pokok melur ni, dah tak payah pakai air freshner lagi, every nite around 9 something hubby would harvest the flower..tu kerja dia every nite, tak sabar tunggu bunga tu kembang.

Pokok asalnya ada di Alor Setar, planted by arwah Tok U, an old lady staying next to mak's house, she like to plant roses and other potted plant especially jasmine. She was 'our florist' at that time, i remember whenever there is a wedding , people will asked her to prepare sirih junjung..i pun akan sibuk duduk tepi 'U' tengok dan kadang2 menyibuk nak tolong..she was 60 plus back then and i was in secondary school. I learn indirectly from her, the way she cut the leaves, arrange the flower, wrapping the gambir and folding daun sirih. She was my mentor and i'm her protege who tried to her arrange her own sirih junjung last two years..jadi juga even though tak tinggi macam yang 'U' buat.

Back to the pokok melur story, after she passed away, the only thing that she left were her house which then being torn apart and sold by his relative and that precious pokok Mak (grandma) always says that tangan I 'sejuk', that's why tanam apa pun i pun potong la batang pokok tu, semai dalam banyak pasu...and pass to my mother in law, my parents..macam movie..'A walk in the cloud'..

So,now each nite i sleep with jasmine on my hair....


Anonymous said...

crita la plak pasai tok cik siah...byk tau kenangan ngan dia...

sue said...

nanti..more to come, kena recall satu2..

Kak Teh said...

traveler..u dari alor setar? and i must tell u a story abt pokok melur!! My Tok had them too!!! I have mentioned in my previous entries. anyway, i think problem with blogspot now - tak boleh link apa-apa. can i link u at sentraal?

sue said...

kak teh,
thanx a lot for visiting.
i must browse ur previous entry..
sure,glad to link to sentraal.
thanx again