Thursday, March 09, 2006

Kedah River

This entry is a continuation of my previous post.
River has been the greatest force in human civilization, a metropolitan derived from a small village which started by the river and slowly develop. It is significant as source of life, moe of transportation and to some they are holy like a Ganges River. If Paris could be proud of their River Seine and Britain with Thames..I appreciate this God gift which is priceless.

It used to be deeper and wider with 'nipah tree' along the bank and 'pokok kiambang' with purple flower floating. Some people says that whenever there are nipah tree definitely there will be a crocodiles..I haven't seen any croc yet..biawak besar ada le..My mother told me that there are place somewhere near the Pagoda where it's quite sandy and that was a spot for 'buaya berjemur'..dulu2 during her time..
Even though our house are just about 30 meters from the river, we hardly experience any flood except for the 'banjir besar' back in the 80's..ankle deep..And that was the last time.

During my childhood, I hardly play by the river and that is why I can't swim until today..What a reason..coz normally people who live by the river or beach definitely knows how to swim..Maybe they are more adventurous or maybe my family are just being cautious..kalau anak lelaki maybe boleh..I remember sleeping at night hearing a roaring sound from fishing boat..Most of the fisherman are from the otherside of the river. All my life staying there, I only took a sampan ride once, that was 22 years ago and that was during the Sultan's Birthday. There were a big float from government department mostly, their sampan were decorated according to a concept, I could clearly remember there was one boat with fisherman theme..their's were complete with fishing net, hens and ducks..Even a sandy mount..There were also a swan-like concept with pretty girls smiling and waving their hands..It was so exciting but all through the ride I hold my hand tight to the side of sampan..takut juga, dah la tak tahu berenang..Until today,during Sultan's birthday there will be a celebration by the river especially pertandingan menangkap itik..hmm

There is one more story about this river that need to be told otherwise it would be complete- 'hantu air'...the river is significant with it's ghost story, some people said that they saw a shadow of a man standing by the river and some told that they saw a woman..and many other haunted stories..whatever it is the river has claimed too many lives, some were drowned and some purposedly jumped into the river..mental..

Historically Kedah River is significant with Terusan Wan Mat Saman where it was the main source for the farmers. It has become a natural heritage of Kedah even though the nipah tree were no longer is now replaced by a promenade and normally occupied by veterans playing dam...

View towards Kedah river with Telekom tower as a background

Signboard showing new development along the river bank


cyberjie said...

There are two areas that are very intresting.1st abt nipah tree..(nipah tree definitely there will be a crocodiles). 2nd u can't swim even though yr house 30 m frm the river.

sue said...

if I'm a boy I think i've the gut to try..but at least now I could float, snorkelling pun pakai life jacket..hampeh..

thewailer said...

hello there!
captivating entry this one, the mentioning of a river brings back good old memories... :)

sue said...

hello to u..
thanx for visiting,.. it is one of our most precious heritage, unfortunately people take it for granted in the name of development.

AuntyN said...

Is it you being an architect make you feel so close to the heritage? Read about your mak' housewith atap niph and all. I knowhow to make the atap from the nipa leaves as well. Maklumlah kita orang kampung. My tok used to anyam tikar mengkuang dulu-dulu, selalu jugak syok2 anyam untuk dia bila dia dah berenti menganyam tu.

sue said...

maybe la kot, becoz we've been trained to observed and appreciate things around us,..but as far i remember, dari kecik lagi i suka benda2 ni, datuk i tukang dari situ kot tumpahnya kuah :-)