Sunday, September 21, 2014

PhD Journey

Life is about our journey not merely about destination..therefore I just embarked on a new journey, in academic. As a part time student that is.. I am not sure how am I going to juggle my family life, working life and studying (which will consume much more time for reading, reading and reading, writing, analyzing and bla bla bla). View from MJIIT towards UTM's new mosque..skyline of Greater Kuala Lumpur is amazing
It's not an easy journey, but I believe that Allah will lead me as He's lead me during my Master's programme..being alone with many obstacle..Alhamdulillah, my big day was last few months and here I am again, set on a new journey. As research, I chose to use my Master's topic on women's safety, I'll find the research gap and what not, expand the Literature Review (LR), download articles and journals, download whatever apps for researcher like Mendeley, read PhD PhD comics (stress medication :), read PhD facebook... I wish that I could manage my time efficiently and for that I will tawakal first and plan my journey..Amin

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