Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Life is like a box of chocolate..or a fruit cake..?

Forest Gump was right..and we don't need philosophical explanation when it comes to life experience. There are many things that happen and as usual they are not as what we plan or expected. But as they says, life goes on no matter what. It's either you sink or swim and I choose to swim even though it's hard or consume more energy or facing other difficulty. There are things that should remained silent and there are things to be shared but sometimes both won't do justice.
(source:wikipedia) Fast forward, it's been a month commuting by train to KL and it wasn't something to look forward. It's 40 minutes ride with coaches pack like a sardine can and crossing the arch bridge from Bandaraya Station to Bank Negara Station is not a pleasant journey especially on rainy days when the steps are slippery and you need to mind the steps and try not to slip. And sometimes the train does not arrived on time unlike in Tokyo where they display that the train will arrive at 6.03am, and on the dot the train is in front of you. Maybe it's Malaysian time..I don't know..for now riding the train is the best option compared to driving in KL with expensive parking rate and massive jam and the longer we drive the more we contribute to carbon footprint. Due to this, more time are spend on traveling and less time for family..a dilemma of working mom

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