Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Road to Recovery: Emptiness

Wednesday 20/11/2013 6.45am - ICU Putrajaya Hospital People always says that waiting is a hard thing. Indeed, especially when you are alone in a cold long empty corridor and nothing else to do except looking at the vinyl floor and counting the lamp. I pray for his safety, I was confused..it happen too fast, but I need to stay calm. After subuh prayer, I don't know where to go. It was too early to leave the hospital. I never feel this way, being alone in this situation is different. Normally when he is not around, I can just carry myself and do my work as normal. But this is totally different.
There are three bags,one umbrella and one 100 plus bottle with me which I brought from ward. I left his towel and sandal and forgot about it. Too many things to carry and I left this bottle at the waiting room outside ICU and it was there for few days. It was like an indicator for whatever that I can't think of.

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