Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zoo Negara trip

As a person who loves nature, I do sometimes feel confuse and caught in between...but for the sake of giving the kids some exposure to wild, a visit to zoo negara was something that we look forward.

We were up at the entrance at around 10.45am after having breakfast on the go..they both we excited since Friday and have actually told their teachers about this trip.

Its nice and pleasant place with reasonable entrance fee (RM20 -adult and RM9 for children)

We walk around and stop by at each 'CAGE' for a better view and some photos..pity those animals who have to be in this place with concrete floor and cage and now real wild life...but maybe this is the best for them and their species at this moment

Sufiya and her tebu...feeding the elephant, RM3 per stick..she feed the giraffe as well and has been asking to feed the lion too... :-P

A small river flowing in the heart of this place....its hard to find a clean and clear river in KL nowadays...

We toured most of the compound and hop on the tram later because the little one were already tired...

It was a fruitful day but I had a trouble at night where Hadif has been crying for more than one usual...


Naz said...

Feed the lion? no no no...let your mommy do that! ;D

sue said...

Kak Naz,
sepanjang jalan dlm zoo dia dok minta nak feed the lion..:-))

i bukan setakat blh feed them, but can be like a lion too.. ;-P