Sunday, February 14, 2010

Greetings from Putrajaya

We drove around in Putrajaya few hours ago after dinner at Saba Restaurant, Cyberjaya..the restaurant was full but the street was a bit quiet, the traffic flow was smooth and the negihbourhood is sleepy ....most people have gone back for makan besar and long holiday, but decided to just stay here and attend my cousin's wedding in Banting and Hubby decided to qada his sleep...:-P

When I was a child, Chinese New Year holiday was something exciting, we live in a neighbourhood of multi racial, with Malay, Indian who speak fluent Hokkien and BM, Chinese and Pakistani and also Indian Muslim..our houses were close to one another, and on the morning of CNY we could here from a far the sound of the drum and fire crackers...

Normally it will start from few shophouses at the start of the road leading to our area, where it will make a bow at kedai Ba, kedai An, rumah Maknya Ais and few other houses, we will rushed to the back of their house to catch a glimpse of the dancers in a lion costume, we were always excited looking at these 'naga' even though it give no meaning to us but there was no harm appreciating others culture.

On that special day, we also received limau mandarin, kuih kapit and ang pow from Maknya Ais and from a guy who used to mesin papan in front of our house. The last time I heard about this guy, he was already in jail (related to drug or something)..but Maknya Ais is still committed with her road tiga selling air oren, air asam even in the evening of CNY.

It was all bright and peaceful, no stress at all living in community with different views, religion, languages...but I wonder why can't it be like when were a child..?

Happy Chinese New Year folks...peace..

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