Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Raya photo blogging

I'm lazy to think and write..so just few photos for an update..

Welcome to Penang..a major landmark...there was a story about a man who waited for ferry to go to the island..he wait and wait for Feri Pulau Pinang, tapi yang sampai Feri Pulau Undan dan pulau lain-lain.....hehehe
At Fort Cornwallis, Penang testing D90 ..the place was crowded and we saw Aida..a big cruise ship at Fort Swettenham...

Kids with their light saber..she thrown away that thing and kena marah sedass dengan abah...Hadif with his Ultraman head

Pokok kancing baju who have a medicinal value for darah tinggi

Preparing for bbq in Alor Star with two kitchen helper who came with sun shades :-P

We extended our raya holiday due to my technical trip to Penang which was confirmed at a very last minute. Hubby had to rushed back to Putrajaya by bus until he left his luggage at a ticket counter somewhere in Komtar. Preparing for satay session...

Surprised birthday celebration to Pn Aishah..

Anak cucu ...Sufiya and Hadif dok tidoq....

Gambar curi...gambar wajib...

On the way to Taman Belia..Sufiya with her 'Shanti-inspired' glassess with cousin Miza Izatul.

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