Friday, August 29, 2008


We could wish or dream and plan to grab everyhting, to taste all those sweet things and experience new adventure but life is not as simple as that. It's just like Forest Gump said' its like a box of chocolate'...or a packet of Nips, you don't know which colour will you pop into your mouth.

There were few things that I missed or 'tak ada rezeki'...

First---the BBQ at Rawang with Simah and family, and she's now back in Istanbul.. :-)

Second--the Sultan's parade and 'lumba perahu' in Alor Setar, it was a big event for the state and for me personally who have been a spectator of those event since I was a kid, the 'lumba perahu' or what we Kedahan called 'lumba perau' is a must-watch, but I was still in 'berpantang' period, but managed to catch a glimpse and hear the sound of pedals from my house.

Anyway, with His Blessing we managed to held a small ceremony for Hadif
Majlis Bagi Nama in Tg Tokong

Even though there were no internet and good books in Alor Setar, I fully utilised time spent there by getting these information, some history and myth and whatever related to 'the place' which will be documented in my other blog

And..ehemmm...did you notice that black thingy above my notepad..yes, that is my new toy that I was talking about before..gadget is just not for boys..

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